DIFIS is an inter-university institute run jointly by the Universities of Duisburg-Essen and Bremen within the responsibility of the Institute for Work, Skills and Training (IAQ), Duisburg and the SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy, Bremen. The institute lives from the commitment and cooperation of a wide range of actors. We warmly welcome researchers from all fields of social policy as well as social policy practitioners to cooperate with DIFIS and we encourage them to contact us with their ideas and suggestions.

We cordially invite you to our yearly conference, the FIS-Forum and Social Policy Biennale 2022! Not only will the event promote national exchange between social policy academics, policy-makers and practitioners, but it will also focus on international discourses in social policy in the form of a Social Policy Biennial. The conference will be held from 5–7 October 2022, both in Bremen and online.