As a focal point for social policy research, DIFIS seeks to improve nationwide networking and to intensify interdisciplinary academic exchange. Synergies between the projects, junior research groups and professorships that were and are funded by FIS will be utilized – both within and across other social policy research projects. To this end, formats facilitating exchange will be created that complement existing networks in academic associations and will ensure deeper discussions and closer working relationships across disciplinary boundaries.

FIS Forum and Social Policy Biennale

The annual two-day FIS Forum serves as a central dialogue platform for promoting knowledge transfer both within academia and also between academics, policy-makers and practitioners. From 2021 onwards, DIFIS will assume responsibility for organizing the event. The FIS Forum is our central event and in 2021 was organized by DIFIS for the first time. The FIS-Forum and Social Policy Biennale 2022 will not only promote a national exchange between social policy academics, policy-makers and practitioners, but will also focus on international discourses in social policy in the form of a Social Policy Biennial. The event will be held from 5–7 October 2022, both in Bremen and online. Further information on the timetable and organizational matters can be found here.

Early Career Networks

This format is aimed at PhD candidates working on social policy topics and, at an early stage in their career, offers them the opportunity to exchange ideas with experienced colleagues and to make lasting contacts. FIS alumni can assume the role of mentors. The networks organize workshops on career development and discussion events with practitioners.

PostDoc Meetings

PostDoc Meetings are an additional form of interdisciplinary exchange. Such meetings also increase the visibility of career options in the field of social policy research and facilitate in finding an individual niche in this research field.

Issue Networks

In this series of topic-specific workshops, which are designed to be inter- and intradisciplinary temporary working groups, new research results are discussed and joint publications or policy recommendations are developed. Researchers from all fields of social policy will work together on complex, interdisciplinary questions in these networks.