Current, academically robust and permanently accessible: The DIFIS publication formats not only serve to disseminate the latest research results, but also aim to inform the public about current social policy issues and findings. They are the result of an exchange between academics, practitioners and policy-makers and collate the findings from the various disciplines. In addition to books and articles in specialist journals, the DIFIS specialist publications include a working paper series published under the name “DIFIS Studies”. It comprises studies that were written during the course of the Institute’s work or by cooperating researchers.

DIFIS Impulse

This compact publication format is dedicated to current social developments: Researchers take stock, analyse problems and derive practical recommendations for policy-makers and public institutions. Preventive social policy approaches play a special role here. By concisely summarizing the results of scientific research in accessible language, the format is geared to the needs of policy-makers and practitioners and contributes to social discussions that can be incorporated into political decision-making processes. 

DIFIS Studies

The DIFIS Studies publish the results of short expert reports prepared by academic experts from the field of social policy and serve, among other things, as an instrument for the forward-looking identification of new research needs. They contain initial findings, summarize the current state of knowledge and highlight important questions that are still open. They also provide an assessment of the future development of current issues in social policy and the research questions that arise from them, with the results feeding into the planning and further development of DIFIS research. In addition to the dissemination of current research results, they are intended to give a voice to recognized academics from different disciplines in the development and implementation of the research programme and within the framework of DIFIS’s networking and transfer activities.